The Helpless and The Hopeless [EP]

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released January 11, 2013

Tyler Boland played lead guitar for everything and piano for The Morning, Nick Kile played drums for everything, Marc Mace played bass for everything and sang backup vocals too, Justin Paduano played piano and organs for Waiting, Home, Numbing Peace and the second half of The Desert Part Two, Joe Ruff sang all the main vocals and played acoustic guitar, and Tom Stratton recorded the whole thing at Soundwaves Studios in Union NJ. Tom also played all the extra percussion and keyboard in the first half of The Desert Part Two and the album was mastered by Scott Anthony at the Viewing Room.



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Artist Name Woodbridge Township, New Jersey

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Track Name: Gone For Good
I'm sad
Baby I'm sad
But I haven't thought about
Ending it for months now
Cause when those dark thoughts draw near
I say Devil disappear
And just like that
They're gone
For good

She's sad
She tells me she's sad
Because nothing works out
The way you've got it in your head
And those feelings are hard to lose
When you've got no one to give em to
So she goes back
And she's gone
For good
Track Name: Waiting
Waiting in line like a crowd for a ride
With a few less ups than downs
We've huddled inside to see just one last time
The body above the ground
And comforting words were made for the earth
But in heaven, they've got no use
And the man says believe, it's more than you see
This life's just a burning fuse

It makes me feel about three feet tall
And if you feel about three feet tall
Then you should stand up on my shoulders
And tell me what it looks like

Paul on his way to Damascus
Blinded when a bright light lit the road
And Tom swore he saw the nails go in
I won't believe till I see the holes
And Jonah never really had a choice
As soon as he set sail
But if the good Lord's got a plan for me
He'd better send a whale

Cause I feel about three feet tall
And if you feel about three feet tall
Then you should stand up on my shoulders
And tell me what it looks like
And if you think you can't see at all
Cause sometimes I can't see at all
Then you should just put your hand in mine
And we'll feel against the wall

Now whoever's free of sin
Let him cast the first stone and cast me out
But I saw that storm growing
Long before I came aboard this ship
And my tale is written by fishermen
To assuage their guilt from the waves I drowned in
But there was no whale to be found in them
As I sunk to the bottom of the sea
Track Name: Home
We borrowed money, we borrowed time
planned to leave before the next sunrise
But an hour till, you told me that you had to go
But you'd be back in a little while
I just had to sit there practicing my smile
Cause we hadn't had much reason for smiling in years

But baby it's hard
Carrying a load
Over fences through the yards
All the way back home
She tells me that she's sorry
Didn't mean to put it on me
I tell her not to worry
I'm doing just fine

I lie a little say it don't hurt much but my
Bones are aching, burning to her touch as I'm
Carrying her cold, lifeless body back home
Body back home
Body back home

We planned to meet out on a road out back
Where the lights were low and the moon was but a crack in the sky
Live or die
Tomorrow we'll be leaving this town
Well I saw her there where the light was low
Her body laid bare by the side of the road
And I felt my heart claw it's way
From out of my chest

But baby it's hard
Carrying a load
Over fences through the yards
All the way back home
I tell her I'm so sorry
I know I should've been there
She tells me boy don't worry
I know you'll do just fine

I scream my lungs out
But no one could hear
Like a tree alone in the forest
Has nothing to fear
I loaded my pistol
Having no one to blame
Once I'd laid her in the ground
I slaughtered the whole town
Just the same
Track Name: Numbing Peace
Nothing comes easier than being afraid
And nothing feels as shitty as the end of the day
When all you've said comes back to you
And all you're going through just fades away
To that place where everyone is perfect and everyone is pure
And everyone in Canada goes to bed with unlocked doors
Because they can
At least according to Michael Moore

But if I fall, I'll fall for nothing
And get back on my feet, on the street again
And if I fall, I'll fall only wanting
To land safe in her arms, numbing peace again

Running from pain's a lot like running from the rain
You can try your best to not get wet, but the drops all fall the same
Now there's a whole sky coming down on you
And all you've got's your measly little limbs
We could hide out under the underpass
Nobody'd know or think to ask and we'd
Start a life and build a world
A place to raise our boys and girls
And we'd teach em breathe in if you can't swim